How Does Kansas Measure Among Midwest In Higher Education

The state of Kansas is not just a farming state that is only concerned with agricultural education. The state has some of the most outstanding institutions of higher education in the Midwest. One university is considered to be among the best in the entire nation.

The University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, is the largest university in the state. It has a well-known medical school as well as a prestigious law school. According to rankings from U.S News & World Report, 32 of the Read the rest of this entry »

Training Our Educators To Deal With Inner City Kansas

Kansas is famous for its rolling wheat fields and innumerable farms and ranches. While its rural farming reputation is well known around the world, Kansas also has cities that are infamous for their high crime rates. People who dwell in these cities, particularly the inner city neighborhoods, have become accustomed to daily shootings, gang wars, and around-the-clock police presence. These inner neighborhood’s have crime rates that rival those in New York City and Los Angeles. Teachers who are new to Kansas, let alone these neighborhoods, may Read the rest of this entry »

The Paradigm Of New Teachers Versus Old Technology

Teachers and other educational professionals that are faced with the limitations of outdated instructional methods and second-rate technology may find greater challenges in their efforts to provide students with a superior education. School systems and teaching methods that are unable to provide students with the opportunities and resources they need to enjoy a greater level of scholastic success may not be a problem that can be simply overlooked. Addressing the outdated methods and infrastructure that Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing a Kansas School? Considerations.

It’s a great idea to do a lot of research before you head off to college but what about the things you can’t readily find using your connection and a few university blogs? If you’re trying to choose a school in Kansas for your college experience remember to check out the following before you enroll:
Student Eats – What are the dining halls like at the school? Do they sell the kind of food you like and are they open late? If your school doesn’t have dining halls does it have some other restaurant options nearby?
Student Health – Something becoming increasingly important to students and parents in Kansas is healthy living. Check out the athletic and exercise facilities at your chosen school and also find out about healthcare options. You’ll want to have at least one student health facility.
Career Services – You haven’t even started college yet and you’re already worried about getting a job? You should be! Find out what kind of resources your school has for new graduates and even internship placements. IT can make the difference once you graduate!

Nursing Schools in Kansas

It’s a new age for education – kids download homework using Wild Blue and take classes online but at least one advanced degree still requires some real in-classroom training. Here are a few of what we think are the best nursing programs in Kansas:

1. University of Kansas – the biggest nursing program in the state is arguably the best and it’s been around for decades. If you can afford tuition UK is a great place to further your education and it’s got satellite campuses all over the state.

2. Kansas Wesleyan University – It’s a private school so the cost is high but it’s more specialized and some argue you can get a better education this way. With Master’s programs offered throughout the year it’s a great place to go back to school if you didn’t get your undergrad in biology.

3. Newman University – With the faculty to student ratio at 13 to 1, this is a great place to get some individual attention. We love that professors here really care about the students’ progress and we also think it has some great financial aid options.

A New Dimension In Education At Higher Education Institutes

Getting a higher education is the first step to a satisfying career in today’s workforce. One of the biggest choices that have to be made is where to attend school. Some people choose far away from and others like the prestige of nationally known schools. The state of Kansas has made the move to make a new dimension when it comes to higher education.

For anyone seeking to further their schooling or for those who are just starting out; they can pursue any degree type at an affordable cost. In addition to cost Read the rest of this entry »

The Environment For Teachers In Kansas City Public Education

There are many opportunities in the state of Kansas for teachers and anyone interested in the institute of education. From organizations which promote the value of education to classrooms which actively instruct our future leaders, businessmen, and doctors, Kansas provides a welcoming and supportive environment for aspiring teachers.
Organizations like the 500 Reach program is an excellent opportunity for teachers to give back to the community. Students who didn’t have a chance to graduate with their class can enroll in this program to receive their diploma. Teachers can help these students in preparing Read the rest of this entry »

Local School Districts Cure Ills With Budget Cuts

Across the United States and also around the world, public educational institutions are finding much more difficult to secure proper or adequate funding. While there are concerns by local unions in the United States and Europe over the compensation of current and former teachers, there is very little voiced concern over the true impact on future students. When times seem bad, rather than accept losses and temporary pain, school districts unable to workout deals with their local union are resorting to painful cuts.

Cutting staff that Read the rest of this entry »

Which Schools In Kansas Offer The Best Valued Education

In Kansas there are a variety of schools statewide and many people wonder which ones are the best for providing a good, solid education. According to recent statistics there are a few schools that rank pretty close together academically. Hanover High School in Hanover, Kansas is rated the best in the state with an overall attendance of just 74 students they have a great teacher to student ratio of 11.2, for 9th through 12th graders. They also scored a 96 in Read the rest of this entry »

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