Who is USA

United School Administrators of Kansas (USA) is a statewide “umbrella” organization composed of members of nine school administrator associations. USA is governed by a Board of Directors selected by the member associations. The number of directors on the USA Board for each member association is based upon that association’s number of USA members.

There are seven standing committees that plan activities, programs and services. USA committees make reports to the Board of Directors, conduct activities or programs, and advise USA staff. Committee chairpersons are appointed by the USA president with approval of the board. Each member association is represented on every USA standing committee. Presidents of the nine member associations, following procedures established by their respective governing boards, appoint representatives to USA committees.

Does USA run any other associations? No. Each of the nine member associations retains its full identity and autonomy, and each functions separately on matters of concern to its members.

Here is a partial list of USA programs and services:

  • Top quality administrator professional development.
  • USA’s Diagnostic Assessment of School Effectiveness: Helps schools assess school climate.
  • Notices of administrative vacancies and administrative changes across the state.
  • Website, seminars, publications and convention.
  • A united voice in legislative activities.
  • The Memo, a newsletter published 21 times a year.
  • A master calendar of education conferences and dates for the upcoming school year.
  • USA Professional Assistance Program to help resolve legal contract disputes.